Semester One Subjects

Information & Reference Studies

This module introduces the information professional to information and information services in various contexts, focussing particularly on the theory and practice behind locating, evaluating, and using resources and developing and delivering information services. In addition, students are introduced to principles of literature searching and collection development and management which further support development of information services for communities.

Research Methods I

This module is an introduction to the research process and methods used in information and library science. It covers the early stages of the research process, including identifying important and realistic research topics, critiquing literature and conducting a literature review, the role and uses of theoretical frameworks, research ethics, and basic research designs.

Cybersociety? Technology, Culture & Communications.

The module examines anthropological perspectives on information and technology, and empirical evidence regarding the impact of new technologies on culture, community, and society. Topics will include social studies of science and technology, the sociology of information, the impact of information and communications technologies on social and cultural structures, social control of information, global culture, virtual communities, and the transformation of community.

Theory in Action

The purpose of this module is to promote the understanding and knowledge of theory use and development. Different theoretical paradigms will be examined, and the use and development of theory in current research will be discussed. Students will have the opportunity to synthesize theories into theoretical frameworks for their chosen research focus.


See the tab below to right in grey: Semester Two Subjects to access a similar breakdown.


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