Recent Professional Experience

I was employed at Irish Water Safety (IWS) based in Galway city as a database administrator. The organisation’s main concern is the promotion of awareness of water safety nationwide. This is water safety considered in many contexts, for example, in swimming, boating, and farm yard water safety to name a few. Correspondingly IWS provide an information service to the public. They also direct the public to information on swim lessons and life guard training courses nationwide.

In August 2013 I completed an internship at IWS. My role was that of a Clerical Database Administrator with an emphasis on database management and record keeping, thus in addition to general clerical duties I was involved in a data management project.

This project involved the transference of data on drowning and water related incidents throughout Ireland (1988 – 2012) from a large corpus of paper records to an online based database. Excellent IT skills were critical to this project as well as a desire to learn and interface with a new technical platform. A large amount of self-directed training was involved. I feel that my experience as a Master’s Degree student at UCD served me well in this instance as that course involved much self directed study and research. I became familiar with many technical platforms throughout the year.

Ultimately the project at IWS  involved the output of statistical analytics related to drowning in Ireland (and abroad involving Irish citizens). I was responsible for the composition of a database profile on drowning in Ireland (awaiting publication). I enjoyed putting some of what I learned as an MA student into practice in a professional information environment. This is a link to the published report.

Additionally this is a link to a presentation I composed both as representational of my work at IWS and as an explanation of IWS database utilisation and records.


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