What follows is a concise history of my education and training with related artifacts demonstrative of acquired skills. Simply click on the underlined words and a new page will open with a link to the associated file (PDF format).

As an undergraduate (2003 – 06 and 2007/08) I studied fine art practice and theory (History of Art and Critical Theory). I pursued this course of education as I wanted to exploit and explore my artistic talent. My overall experience was a positive one that taught me a lot about communication, written, oral and of course artistic. For instance,  I feel I am able to articulate myself well as a direct result of my experiences as an art student. Also I developed an excellent work ethic and a great appreciation for project planning, as most of my undergraduate course work was self directed owing to the nature of the subject studied.

I returned to higher education in 2009/10 to apply myself to a Postgraduate Diploma in Archaeology. Firstly I was following a subject of study that greatly appealed to me and which I knew I would enjoy applying myself to. I also wished to strengthen my academic research skills in preparation for eventual Masters Degree level study. This postgraduate course greatly improved my research and composition skills. I learned a lot about good planning and approach to a project  brief. Here is an example of a report (Grade A) I composed on an archaeological artifact.

I recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Library & Information Studies (1:1 First class Honours). To study to MA level was a long standing goal of mine, one I am very glad to have attained. Firstly here is a link to a breakdown of all subjects studied. This course provided me with comprehensive, knowledge and training related to the library and information industry. I consider myself an information professional as direct result of this MA. Here is a link to a project that I believe encapsulates the learning and expertise I acquired during my time at UCD.


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