Professional Mission & Goals

When I began my Masters Degree course in September 2011 I was interested in working in the library and information industry in general terms. Despite having no designated niche in mind I was very convinced of establishing a career within that industry.

Since having graduated (October 2013) I have indeed procured a work role as an information professional. This is one goal I am delighted to have attained, however, I feel my work in establishing myself in this profession has really only just begun. I remain flexible and open to new potential professional experience.

The skills I possess, demonstrated via my eportfolio, are an important platform from which I intend to continue my professional development. I intend to maintain my portfolio s a professional visage and as a record of the work I will be involved in while working as an intern.

I also intend to bring my past employment experience, skills (both established and new) to bear on any and every new experience procured. For me it’s important to divine current relevance from past professional experience. We are all more than the sum of our parts of course.

My overall professional goal is to work not within a library (too restrictive a criterion I feel) but to work with information, its provision, management, perhaps dissemination…to be surrounded by information and to have a hand in its pertinence. I  look forward to the challenge.


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